Benefits of Cycling to Work


Consider cycling on your way to work. It’s a drastic lifestyle change, but it also comes with tons of benefits. You must also consider the Cycle to Work Scheme and experience the advantages it offers, like availing of a loan arranged by your employer for a brand new mechanical bike and safety equipment up to €1,250 for or €1,500 for an e-bike Here are other benefits of cycling to work.

You will reduce the risk of exposure to other people

While it’s good to use public transportation to work, you should also consider the possible exposure to the coronavirus. Buses and trains are congested, and you sit close to people who may have the virus. When you cycle, you won’t encounter anyone on your way to work.

You will live a healthy lifestyle

Cycling is a form of exercise. It strengthens your leg muscles. It also helps build your core. If you do it all the time, it’s already equivalent to other exercise techniques done in the gym. When you sit for hours in your car, it’s not doing anything to keep you healthy. Hence, it makes sense to cycle if you want to live healthily.

You can lose weight

Since you live a healthy lifestyle, you will also increase the chances of losing weight. You might even feel more encouraged to lose weight because it helps you feel comfortable while cycling. Fat burning is quick when you cycle, and it won’t take a lot to lose weight.

It’s great for the economy

If everyone starts to cycle, it will benefit the economy. It reduces traffic and allows speedier movement of goods and services.

It helps reduce carbon footprint

Smoke coming from a car can increase the carbon footprint. Imagine having thousands of vehicles on the road blowing steam at the same time. If more people start to cycle, there will be a massive positive impact on the environment. It will also help clean the air and reduce pollution. You might not feel it when you’re alone, but the effect is bigger when more people switch to cycling to work.

You can explore different places

Driving the same route to work each day can be boring. Cycling lets you go to different areas and take new routes on your way to work and heading back home. You will even explore parts of the cities you’ve never been to before.

It helps with mental health

While you cycle, you have a chance to relax and deal with your mental health issues. You can also forget about what stressed you out and calm yourself down before facing new challenges at home. Your usual travel time increases, and it gives you more time to think. The workplace can be a toxic environment, and you need an opportunity to let go.

It’s not an easy decision to move to a bicycle from a car. It’s also not the most convenient choice. However, with all these benefits that you will get, cycling is worth the try. It’s also your small contribution to society. Encourage your colleagues to do the same. You might even cycle with them if they reside in the same area. Image: