Finding A Golf Course Whilst on Holiday

Golf Course

All of us, almost without exception, value our hard-earned holidays and eagerly anticipate the date when we can clock off and disappear for a week or two, but to get the most out of your holiday some prior planning is essential. Some people enjoy doing nothing whilst on holiday whilst others prefer to engage in an activity. For me, I personally enjoy playing golf, I’d play every day if could! I went to Weymouth this year on holiday and couldn’t really find any concrete information about golf courses in the area, so I went online, typed ‘golf near me Weymouth’ and hey presto, I had a list of golf courses near where I was staying. From there I had to narrow it down a bit as some clubs were members only, but I managed to find a decent course within easy reach. As part of your golf holiday preparation, I’d suggest packing:

Finding A Golf Course Whilst on Holiday

  • Golf Clubs and Shoes
  • Suitable Golfing Apparel
  • Spare Balls
  • Hat
  • Wet Weather Gear

Although the above items might seem obvious, some people on holiday assume they can hire all the equipment they need when they get there, this is not always as easy as it sounds. Renting clubs etc is not particularly cheap and more often than not can be as expensive as the actual green fees!

All in all, Weymouth is a great place for a holiday and also a game of golf and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a UK golfing holiday.