Getting Out and Enjoying the Sunshine on a Bike More Often


In recent years, there has been an unprecedented surge in the popularity of cycling. This may in part be due to more cycling being shown on TV. It may also be because more and more people are beginning to realise that cycling offers multiple health and fitness benefits as well as the chance to get out and explore the great outdoors.

Whether a person lives in an urban area or in the country, there are always things to see on a bike; however, the challenge for some people is that they may have physical conditions that prevent them from getting on the bike on the first place. So, what options do people such as this have if they really want to get out and get fit?

The Benefits of the E-Bike

For those who may be worried about their level of fitness or their physical capacity to ride a regular bike, the solution is to invest in an e-bike or electric bike. These kinds of bicycles differ from regular bikes in that they feature small battery-powered motors. When engaged, this electric motor turns the wheels and takes the stress off the rider. Perhaps one of the best features is that the motor can be engaged while the rider is still pedalling.

The motorised electric bike offers the following crucial benefits:

  • Riding Assistance: For anyone with a low level of fitness or a physical incapacity to cycle, a motorised model makes every ride easier. This is ideal for the elderly, those with bad knees and joints, or even those who may have other health conditions that prevent them from getting out on traditional bicycles.
  • Go Further: The fact is that people who ride on e-bikes in Yorkshire and elsewhere actually tend to ride further and for longer than those who use traditional bikes! This is good news for anyone who wants to get out and do some exercise for his or her personal health and fitness.
  • Tackle Physical Challenges: Because the e-bike features a motor, it can assist anyone riding over rough or hilly terrain. Where someone on a regular bike may struggle to get up a hill, a person on an electric bike will be able to overcome it far more easily and quickly. This means that a person can not only ride further and for longer but also access areas where there is challenging terrain.
  • Strength Training: One of the most unappreciated aspects of the e-bike is the fact that it actually tends to increase core strength more quickly. Electric bikes tend to have a slightly heavier frame and this means that anyone riding such a bike will build up more core strength through the act of balancing and controlling the bike.

Save Money on Fuel

The fact is that everyone can benefit from riding a bike even just a few times a week. The electric bike allows more people to enjoy cycling and also allows more people to enjoy getting fit. Wouldn’t you rather save money on fuel by not having to drive around in your car? Just a simple charge via the regular wall socket will ensure that your electric bike is ready to go!