I Need a New Golf Bag – What Type Should I Consider

Golf Bag

Having to select the ideal golf bag is something which is unique to every golfer and depend upon your f playing style and how you approach the game itself. With such a wide range of bags to choose from, you’re going to have to ask yourself some frank questions about your present game skills so as to find one which is suitable, just for you.


The first question to determine is whether you intend to walk around the course or make use of a cart. Carry bags, or bags which are made with a stand, will be more lightweight and less troublesome, but you will also have not so many “extras”.

  • Golf bags which are designed for going into a golf cart are heavier and have less carry straps, but often more overall features.

Durability and Space

If you play often, you’ll require a sturdier golf bag made with thick, durable materials which can withstand the frequent use and are obviously at a higher price. If you play less often, then, a cheaper golf bag should fit the bill. If anyone is thinking of going on any Thailand golf tours, you may even get a more reasonable price there on a top quality bag.

Some other things to consider are:

  • What type of club storage will you need?
  • How many clubs do you have?
  • Which ones do you usually carry around with you?

Consider clubs which you may add to your collection in the future, and then buy a bag which will provide enough space for any extras.

Length and Width

The perfect type of bag should be the ideal height to cover all your clubs safely, without any chance of any of them sliding out or getting damaged. The width at the top of the bag should have room enough to comfortably fit any oversized club heads or grips.

  • If your golf clubs are expensive, think about a bag with full length club divider pockets.

These dividers will help to organise and protect your clubs, and also add significantly to the weight and cost of the golf bag.

Ease of Use

Try to think beyond your clubs and contemplate other items which you keep in your golf bag. Most bags out there today, feature extra pockets for accessories, such as umbrella sheaths, bottle holders, towel hooks and scorecard clips and various others even have storage space for golf shoes!

Nearly all golf bags are made with ergonomics in mind, so you will have a range of designs and prices. And whether you intend to carry the bag or not, ensure that the straps and handles are strong enough for the number of clubs and any additional accessories which you will be taking with you.

  • And try to find a great golf bag which has a solid guarantee to give you peace of mind.

May your game improve by every single swing!