Play Golf On Holidays


Summer holidays is a fun full days that offers complete entertainment to all people from children’s to adults wish to enjoy holidays in effective manner. Golf is a wonderful game that offers more fun playing golf in green grass during holidays is the interesting hobby loved by all. Many clubs has been organized especially for the interested players those who wish to join the club can enroll their names with the club organizers.

Apart from other sporting games golf is little different the main thing we have to focus the ball to the hole by pointing it perfectly. No opposite teams or players added in this game it is like separate team played by the interested golf players. Trainers and experienced coaches will train by instructing the essential rules that are to be followed importantly. Lot of clubs is organized for various sports games mostly for popular sports like cricket, football, tennis and may other games. Among those golf club is an interesting one it is played for hobby not focusing on competition wise to get free from the workloads and to recover from stress it is played to obtain fresh air.

Golf club of Norway

One of the famous clubs organized in Norway is the sunnmore golf club interested people of all age groups are paying more attention to play the game to have fun and entertainment. The sunnmore is large club organized for several years sponsors from various firms putting more efforts to furnish the club attractively. This club holds more members that teach golf game at affordable price. Interested children’s who wish to enrich their career on golfing can start their gaming just through enrolling their names. This club has been maintained by the national park situated near to it, about 4.9 acres of green field is maintained that can hold 100 players at a time having 18 holes.

Hence players can play freely without any crowd disturbance in the enlarged ground the beautiful atmosphere makes you feeling great and cool during the summer times. The club operates in regular timings based on your work schedule you can approach the trainers for the preferred timing schedule. The membership fee is collected for the enrollment of member they will provide golfing accessories used for the gaming. The formalities and conditions followed for the members enrollment is just simple no requirements are needed for the name enrollment to become field player you have to complete certain course called green card which will be instructed by the coaches. They will instruct you the basic rules and conditions which are needed for the golf game once you have completed you will be allowed to play the game.

Important aspects of golf course

The climate of Norway is offering great environment for the players to have fun and entertainment in the gaming. To start the golf game no much knowledge is expected from the players the trainers will coach you to offer much knowledge about game in early stage. To entertain the members of the club and to encourage them the club is organizing various tournaments along with sponsors in different categories for children’s and adult. The sponsors are the key role for the success of sunnmore club since they are popularizing it all over the country. Sunnmore club is one of the largest clubs that offers more benefits to the players who put much effort for the gaming once you acquired the knowledge of gaming technique it will be very interesting to play continuously every day. During summer season around 500 children’s are participating eagerly for the gold course and participate in the tournaments prizes are given for the winners based on golf accessories. It will encourage the players to start their career in to successful player in golfing. The summer course entry fee is not required since it is offered at free of cost for the children’s to employ gaming knowledge to all the peoples the club is organizing at cheaper cost with the help of sponsors.

The sunnmore operates with official website to know more details about the group you can visit the online site organizers will post recent activities, tournament dates, winners list actively to show their achievements. Just click here for reaching sunnmore golf club and read its history