Tin Cup: The Ultimate Indoor Golf Practice Chipping Game

Indoor Golf Practice Chipping Game

Want to play the golf at home, try out the latest indoor golf chipping game. It helps in making the chipping practice easy and fun at home throughout the year. The game is too realistic and challenging at the same time. It helps to sharpen the brain for the game. It is a super-fun game for the kids and the family members during the night and at the special parties. The TIN CUP made by the RUGG Golf is one of the latest indoor games that are challenging and fun to play as well. It is best for all level of players, either you are a pro or the new player, the TIN CUP will make you better at the chip and putting the pitch shots and on the golf course.

This game is best for the family and friends, for the kids and the seniors, for the Golf beginners and the pros, for the golf instructors, event planners, Co-workers, corner offices etc. If you love playing golf, you will surely love to play the TIN CUP. This indoor game is just for fun, and it helps in improving the chipping game. If you have good muscle memory, you can be good at the chipping. If you ever thought to learn this new game, or you want to introduce this game to your kids and the friends, the TIN CUP is the best option for you to start. TIN CUP is the new super-fun indoor golf game for that improves chipping skills for beginners and pros alike.

The TIN CUP –a great teaching game indoors

It is the best game to teach the learners about the golf game with the help of the pros. The shots made by the students reflect the quality of each one of the swings done. It is not just a good training game, but it the great game to play with your family members and friends as well. It is a great game to be played during the night time. Whether you want to play the golf game on your own or you want to play with the other players, you can play this game with the help of the TIN CUP. You can also play individually to set up personal scores or full 18 whole rounds.

The detailed insight of the game

The RUGG golf balls have the super-light precision, and they are perfectly matched with the TIN CUP target Rug and the RUGG Tee Mat for providing the impression of the impression of real shot making. You can use your regular wedges, RUGG Golf balls to float through the air and stop in between the sidespin and the backspin or roll down like the real golf balls. As the balls are super-light in weight, they can be played all year round inside the home.

The TIN CUP has more than 1000 hole setups. The whole set up can be customized as per the requirement; it can be done easily for the beginners and challenging like the pos. So, if you want to play golf indoors, TIN CUP is the best option.