What do I do with runescape gold?


Runescape is one of the most popular game in the multibillion dollar industry. It is the most advanced MMORPG game online with millions of users. The game makes use of a strange currency called GP which the players use to trade during the game. The game has a wonderful ecosystem with multiple guilds for the players to enjoy. The game has different levels and on each level the players get to earn extra runescape gold. There are a lot of things you can do with the gold that you have earned.

runescape gold

Improve your skills

One of the ways you can use gold that you have earned is to improve your skills. When playing the game there are institutions where you can access resources called guilds. Under these resources you will find mining, crafting, fishing, cooking, construction and many more. Depending on the guild you choose to play, you will need a certain amount of investment and this is where buying and selling of gold comes in. keep in mind that there are certain guilds like construction and mining that require higher investment while there are those like cooking that require small investment.

Sell your wealth

If you have too much wealth in your runescape account and you are not in the mood to share then the best way is to exchange it for some real life cash. Yes it’s possible to sell runescape gold for some real cash.It’s very simple just go to your browser and type probemas gold for sale.Probemas is an online store that is recognized globally as the trusted buyers and sellers of runescape gold. You will get the best deal for your gold if you choose to do business with them.

Buy bonds

Once you have gathered as much gold as you can, you can head to the runescape market place and spend it there to buy bonds. Bonds are simply a gateway for the player to benefit from other rewards. For instance you can get free access to some membership features or rather get runecoins or keys. It is another good alternative of spending your runescape coins while enjoying the game.

Buy and stack

Did you know that you can be the richest player in runescape? Yes just stuck as much gold as you can acquire and you never know you might end up being the richest player in the game. With such kind of wealth you are at liberty to do anything with it. You can choose to sell it at probemas gold for sale where you can get some real life cash reward. You can also have some fun with it and through parties and use your gold as giveaway for newbies.

Runescape is the game of the century and a must play for every gamer. The best part is that you never get bored as there are tons of guilds each having its own feature and it will keep you entertained all day long.