Which Sports Are Most Frequently Bet On?

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Sports betting has been part of life for generations and is found in most countries worldwide. A recent estimate indicated that Americans alone wagered more than $150 billion each year. Extrapolate that number to include the world’s population, and sports betting’s power becomes apparent. 

So, what sports do bettors wager their hard-earned money on?

American football

The NFL season comprises dozens of games in different conferences that culminate in the Super Bowl Final. This is an event that sees sports gambling reach an annual peak in the United States. At least 100 million people from one of the world’s most wealthy countries watch this game, and it is little wonder that so much betting money changes hands. This year’s Super Bowl saw an unprecedented betting surge, primarily thought to be due to large-scale relief that there was a final match after all, at the end of a season dominated by COVID-19 uncertainty.

World cup events

The three major world cup events are cricket, rugby, and soccer. These tournaments recure every four years and generate significant viewership numbers. Even those who are not the greatest sports fans will place a bet in their nation’s favor when a world cup comes around. Gambling on cricket is a substantial business, even outside the world cup. Some of the world’s most populous countries, including India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, regard cricket as their national sport. Betting on cricket can be very lucrative, especially for those feeling a need for more winnings.


America’s NBA is famous world-wide and by far one of the most exciting leagues to follow. This tournament features many matches, which build up to a final match that sees massive sports betting traffic. Most NBA players are recruited from colleges. College basketball is a breeding ground for some of the world’s most talented players. Betting on these matches is also prolific.

Horse racing

Billions of dollars exchange hands in horse racing worldwide. It is one of the oldest sports where wagering is acceptable, dating back hundreds of years. Many people make a study of horse racing odds and use them to make money online. Betting peaks around the world’s most established famous horse racing events, including Britain’s Grand National, Australia’s The Everest, France’s Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, and America’s Kentucky Derby. In countries like Dubai and Japan, several other races around the world also generate great bettor interest.

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