Sports Scores Apps for iPad and iPhone


Today technology has given us the way to stay connected to all of our favorite games and teams without having any matter that where we are. So, if you are alone in your home or just sitting in your couch, you would not feel bore at a single moment as you can check out your favourite game from your mobile at any time. Download great sports apps and stay up to date on news, scores and highlights as well. So, here we are presenting some best sports scores apps for iPhone and iPad so that you can keep track of your teams and would never miss any highlights:

ESPN: ESPN may likely be the first name that will come in our mind while you think about the sports. If you are into the mainstream sports, then ESPN is the perfect App for you. You can view scores, receive highlights, follow teams and can do much more. You can even set up as per your favourite feed so that only the news that you care about will what you see. ESPN is also famous for sports scores app as you will not only view the score but iMessage integration will also let you share scores with friends and others and you can watch video highlights of the scores right in your conversation too.

CBS Sports: Sponsored by CBS Sports, this app is the great source for folks those who are interested in checking out MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, NFL and NCAA sports news, scores, videos and more. This is your one stop sports app which is available in the iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone and Apple TV. You can check out the fastest scores, news, stats, tweets and push notifications for all the major sports that you like and can also personalized to your favourite teams. It steak to the main leagues and leaves the smaller stuff out. Yu can also listen to the CBS sports Radio to keep yourself updated on everything going on with your favourite team. Scoreboards and real time stats for all major sports that will show you all the action in the world in one place and you can follow up to 8 games on one screen.

NHL: If you love hockey, then NHL app is the great source for everything related to hockey. This is another great sports scores app with scores, highlights, news and many more other sources. In this app, you can follow your favourite team, get tailor alerts and many more.

TheScore: TheScore sports app is simply the best. Here you can follow lots of professional leagues including NASCAR and receive updates on news and scores from any team you would like to follow. Even you can follow individual players in this app and customize alerts so that you only get notified for what you want to know. It is a great looking interface and simple to setup.

Fox Sports Go: This app is for al Fox Sports subscribers who are willing to take every game with them on the road. You can check live coverage of all the major sports from anywhere and can stream the Ultimate Fighter, NASCAR Race Hub, UFC Tonight and other great sports show.

There are lots of other sports scores app as per sponsored by CBS sports, like NBC sports, Yahoo Sports, NFL app to make yourself up to date with the current sports that you like. So, choose your favourite one and download it from the online app store.