Bike Wear 101: Here’s Why You Need To Spend For The Best Bike Wear You Can Afford


Biking, just like any kind of sport requires participants to wear the right type of clothing. While most of us remember biking as a pastime from our childhoods or as an eco-friendly way to get to work, there are those that ride their bikes for sport, competition, exercise, and many other reasons.

For those who want to get into biking as more than just a casual pastime, here are few tips about choosing the right clothes to wear on your next ride:

The Bike Jersey

The use of sports jerseys are common for basketball and American football, but they are also a must for biking. The Nalini Bike Wear jerseys and similar articles of clothing help in reducing drag while on the ride due to their form-fitting design. Another additional feature of a bike jersey is its sweat-wicking technology that keeps riders dry for longer, despite going uphill or riding under extreme heat.

Other advantages of wearing a bike jersey include an adjustable front zipper for temperature control and ventilation, stand up collar that protects the neck from the sun, wide cut arms for additional comfort, and some even come with reflectors for night rides.

Bike Shorts

The bike shorts are also a must-have piece of bike riding clothing. The collection from Nalini bike wear line, much like other similar bike clothes includes specialized bike shorts that have two major features: full stretch fabric and padding on the crotch area.

Bike shorts use full stretch fabric to ensure freedom of movement without restricting the blood flow from the legs. Padded crotch area helps riders feel comfortable, even during very long rides. Other features are similar to the bike jersey such as enhance ventilation as well as sweat wicking technology.

Pro Tip: The correct type of biking shorts will differ depending on what type of biking you like to participate in. Road bikers and mountain bikers require different types of padding, make sure to purchase shorts that are designed for your choice of biking rides for maximum comfort.

Option Bike Wear

While it is a must have for all riders to invest in bike jerseys, bike shorts, and helmets, there are some accessories that are considered optional. Such items like bike gloves can help bikers maintain a solid grip on the handlebars without feeling tired and fatigued. Cycling jackets are also considered optional, depending on the weather. However, it is good practice to have a cycling jacket tucked inside your closet for those cold and rainy bike rides.

The Right Clothing Matters

Comfort is the main priority of wearing bike clothes while out on a ride, especially for those long and exhausting rides that last for hours. Everything from the glasses to bike shoes ensures that all riders have a wonderful riding experience.

While some are optional, depending on your preference and style, grabbing bike jerseys, bike shorts, and a jacket should be at the top of every beginner biker’s list of must-haves. Think of these clothing pieces as an investment in your enjoyment of the sport.

If you want to bring your game to the next level, try a top quality cycling apparel such as Nalini Bike Wear. Contact us today for more info!