Horse Racing – The Gentleman’s Sport


Horse racing has long been a famous sport. It was known as the sport for the kings. Not many people in those days were able to afford and keep horses. It is one of the most ancient sports but the love and popularity of it is still going strong. There are mentions of horse racing in ancient literature as early as 680 BCE. It was popular in Greece and Rome. It was also a part of the early Olympic events and were an essential part of the Byzantine Empire as well. Back then, only participants of horse racing were noblemen or their representatives. The normal people were there to witness these races sitting in the stands as spectators.

Fast forward to today, the sport of horse racing has not lost its charm at all. In fact, it is still considered a gentleman’s sport. Why? Let’s find out.

Horse Racing

It is a common belief in the horse racing world that once you get into the sport, there is no going back. It makes you addicted to it. For most of the people, it is the adrenaline rush they experience when they are seated on the back of a horse and it is running at its full speed, leaving behind other horses and jockeys in the race. For others, it is the rules and regulations and the honesty of the players in horse racing that makes horse racing a favoured sport for them. Whatever the reason may be, horse racing was and still is a gentleman’s sport.

Horse Racing in Australia

The first horse racing was held in Australia somewhere around 1810. The sport has become popular ever since. Soon afterwards, the first horse racing club was established in Australia by the name of Australian Jockey Club. The club is now given the name of Australian Turf Club. Other popular horse racing clubs in Australia include the Brisbane Racing Club, Victorian Racing Club, West Australian Turf Club and the South Australian Jockey Club. All these clubs provide the people of Australia an opportunity to try their hands on horse racing and experience the thrill and excitement of it.

Not only is horse racing a game of the gentlemen and women because of who plays the game, even the spectators of the races are thorough gentlemen and women as well. They know how to watch a race, how to applaud the efforts and how to keep their calm no matter what. This is what makes horse racing a favoured sport for the elites of any country and city. From betting on the horse races to watching the games and cheering for their favourite players and horses, everything makes horse racing a different and cultured sport than the others.

And to add a bit of gentlemanly excitement, placing a friendly bet on the races has triggered a multi-billion dollar industry. For those gentlemen looking to put their money where their mouth is, sites like are happy to oblige.

If you are thinking of the sports of gentlemen and women, horse racing definitely comes somewhere near the top of the list. It is surely a game for the kings, but now that we don’t have many kings around us, the gentlemen and women have taken their place.