Nutrients Affecting The Weight Of A Racehorse

Horse Racing

In order to make your horse win the race and give a tough competition to the competitor horses, it is extremely important to concentrate on the weight, diet and the body condition of your horse. Without an adequate fat and protein diet full of calories, it is impossible to win the race with a skinny horse. Therefore it is good to examine all of your horses to determine their weight and body condition in order to improve their health.

All horses need different caloric intake, proteins and fat in order to function properly and that depends upon breeds. Where some breeds of horses can work perfectly fine with the low calorie diet, some horses need high calorie intake for a normal functionality and a healthy body. For example, thoroughbred horses need more calories per pound of body weight as compared to the draft horses.

Metabolism and temperament are the two determining factors here which determine the requirements of calories, fat and proteins of different horses. Metabolism is the rate at which the body burns calories to generate energy for the body to function properly. The faster the metabolism, the more calories burnt in a unit of time and more calorie requirement of the body. This means that the horses having faster metabolic rates need more food to function properly as compared to the ones with slower metabolic rates.

Similarly temperament matters a lot in determining the diet of the horse. A nervous horse requires more food to maintain its body condition as compared to the calm horse. A calm horse conserves energy whereas a tense horse consumes energy.

Nutrients Affecting the Weight of a Racehorse:

A horse requires energy to function properly and the basic nutrients which are essential for a superior working of a racehorse are protein and fat. It is vital to understand the importance of fat and protein in the diet of a professional racehorse as the horses with deficient protein and fat reservoirs break down body’s muscles and stored fat to function properly. This results in protruding bones and weak muscles.

In order to keep your racehorse healthy and active, make sure to give it a healthy caloric diet full of fat and protein content. The three essential nutrients which can increase the caloric supply to the body along with fat and protein is the fiber, fat and starch.