Lacrosse – Injury And Prevention

Injury in Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a team sport which is played by many players all over the world. Especially this game is highly played by the college and school students. This is also the option of many people who want to engage themselves in sports during the leisure time. There are different types of Lacrosse games which can be played by any people. There are also certain types of Lacrosse which can be played even by women. The most interesting things in this game are they involve different equipments and their playing strategies are also different. When compared to other sport games, the equipments involved in this game will be very different. Since everything will be different in this game, the players will feel some difficulties in the initial stage.

Injury in Lacrosse

Not only the game but also the injury caused because of Lacrosse is also something different. The injury in men will get varied from the injury in women. This is because the playing strategy for men’s game will be little different from the game played by women. The contacts in men’s Lacrosse will be higher than the contacts in women’s Lacrosse. This is the reason why the men will get more injured in this game when compared to that of the women.

The players who are engaged in Lacrosse will suffer a lot because of lower back pain and wrist injuries. Hamstring injury is also considered to be the most common injury in Lacrosse. These kinds of injuries will be caused because of collisions. Since this is a sports which involves more contact, injuries are very common in this game. While considering the wrist pain it may be caused because of the stress given in the wrist. In some cases, the impacts may be small while in some cases it may cause severe fracture.


As we all know prevention is always better than cure. Hence it is always better to initiate better steps in order to avoid injury while playing Lacrosse. The players must be aware of the surroundings while playing. This is because in most cases, the players get injured as they fail to watch the surrounding. Apart from this, the players must also go the necessary stretching before starting the game. The players must also be aware of different types of pains which are very common in Lacrosse. This is because by knowing these factors they can easily point out the issues in the early stage.

Injury recovery

In case, if they get into collisions and if they are injured, they must approach the rehab centers. The injury and pain will get varied from one case to another. Hence it is always better to consult the therapy experts in order to recovery from injury. Especially, the Lacrosse knee INJURY must be treated on time or they may lead to various hassles. It is to be noted that the players must start playing the game only after the complete recovery. The certification of the experts is also more important after the rehab treatment.