Why Ice Hockey Is The Best Game In The World.


hockerAs Americans, we have a deep love for sports. It’s pretty much all we think about and we spend a lot of money playing it, watching it or betting on it. Sport provides us with a great deal of entertainment and makes those weeknights and weekends, something to really look forward to. Now, there are many sports out there that we enjoy, but none of them comes close to the game of ice hockey. Just as the baseball season comes to an end, the hockey season begins and this sport offers athletes, that really are different from the rest.

Constant Action.

Ice hockey is one of those games where there is constant, non-stop action for the vast majority of the game. For those of you that might suggest that soccer is the same, well it isn’t. Players in soccer can run around all day and never score, hockey is not like that. There are chances to score on a regular basis, which makes the game always exciting. All you need is to get to the United Center for sports tickets, take your seat and watch a sport that is both exciting and hugely entertaining. Anything can happen and it usually does, and you better not look away, because you will surely miss something important.

Regular Guys.

We read about players in competitive sports that are always saying the wrong things, doing what they shouldn’t be doing and pretty much getting into trouble outside the sport. Hockey players are not like that. They are regular guys like you and me and they are definitely not attention seekers. If you see them out somewhere, it is quite possible that you can hang with them or watch them from a distance, and they don’t have any airs or graces about themselves. They live normal lives like you and me and they go to train, while you are doing your nine to five at the office.

Referees That Understand.

The referees are in tune with the game at all times. They understand the sport from top to bottom and they realize the pressures that players are under. It is not unusual for a fist fight to break out on the ice between opposing players, but at the end of the brawl, all that is given is maybe a five minute time-out. Hockey players do not fall unnecessarily and don’t take dives like you see in the game of soccer. They are stand up guys and they very rarely argue with the referee. This means that the players play and the referee lets them play. That’s what we are paying our hard earned dollars for.

Yes, athletes are special kinda people. They are at the top of their game and they perform week in, week out, but many don’t seem to realize or they forget, that hockey players are providing us with this fantastically fast and exciting game, while skating on ice. They are effectively moving around on a thin blade on the bottom of their boots, shooting off in different directions, turning and stopping, and if that isn’t pure skill then I don’t know what is.

Get yourself some tickets today and go watch a real game. You won’t be disappointed.