Why Parents Should Celebrate Their Kids’ Little Victories?


Winning and losing are an essential part of life; each carrying its own lessons. While defeat teaches people lessons for the future, victories make them confident and prepare for next challenges. It is often advised to ‘be humble in victory’. Yes, it is important to not get carried away by victories. However, it is equally important to celebrate them.

This is particularly true for children. It is important to cherish all moments of victory. Experts in child psychology and development advise parents to celebrate their kids’ victories, even the small ones. Here are some reasons for doing so.

To Motivate Them

Psychological studies have indicated that humans, regardless of age, need intrinsic and extrinsic reinforcements to do well. However, in earlier stages of life, this motivation is needed in greater supply. Parents can maintain their children’s motivation level by celebrating their every small and large victory. One way to boost kids’ motivation is to fix sport medal holder for walls in their room to display their medals and awards.

In order to make a routine of celebrating victories, parents must get custom medal displays for their children centered on themes that are in line with their interests. Victory Hangers can help parents with such customized options through its range of bespoke medal hangers. These can be used as a constant reminder of all their victories.

To Make Them Happy

Victories make people happy. And isn’t a life filled with joy and happiness is one worth living? Parents can double the joy of victory for kids by celebrating it. There has been a growing trend of children quickly moving on to their routine just after making an achievement. This is not a good practice and can harm a child’s sense of self-worth. Let your children celebrate their victories or better yet join them in the celebrations.

To Make Them Understand the Concept of Victory

It’s true that a win has many fathers. For that matter, a victory should be celebrated with everyone who had a hand in it. This extended celebration of victory will teach kids how their victories and achievements positively impact the people around them.

Celebrations Help in Developing Winning Mindset

Even a small victory can prove to be impactful if it helps in developing a winning mindset among kids. Celebrating victories can help children in getting rid of self-doubts by reassuring them that they have earned the victory and it’s not just a stroke of luck. This understanding lays the foundation of a winning mindset.